Soil & Land Survey Lab



1.Soil and Mechanic Laboratory

The Soil and Mechanic laboratory was established in 1990. It is a teaching and training laboratory catering to certificate and diploma programme students. It is well equipment to carry out soil classification tests, Soil Chemical tests, Soil Compaction test and Soil Strength tests. Most of the teaching staff is a trained officer with years of teaching and research experience. Besides catering to students and academicians, commercial soil testings are also carried out for government agencies and private sectors.

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2.Surveying Laboratory

The Surveying laboratory exposed student to various methods in. land surveying, like the Prismatic Compass Surveying, Plane Table Surveying, Leveling and Contouring Surveying. It is a well equipment lab to carry out Survey practical class in order to accomplish subject REG 231. This lab also caters to Architecture student for them to make measured drawing using the equipment available in this lab

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Person Incharge:

Coordinator       : Haslienda bt Mohd Iham @ Sham                                                                                              Supervisor         : Nor Safizah Binti Ponachi                                                                                                                                  Co-Supervisor    : Muhammad Sadli Bin Abdlah