Concrete & Structure Lab




Building Technology Laboratories

The Building Technology Laboratories are provided for the purposes of education, research and consultancies. They consist of:

  1. Structural laboratory
  2. Concrete and cement laboratory

 Related Courses:

  • RAG 161/3 : Building Construction 1
  • REG 162/3 : Introduction for Structure
  • REG 361/3 : Methods of Construction*
  • RAG 562/3 : Building Technology 

Person Incharge:   

Lab Coordinator:   Haslienda bt Mohd Iham @ Sham                                                                                                        Lab Supervisor:     Zul Rashidi bin Husin                                                                                                                                                             Mohd Haizal b Ismail                                                                                                                        Co-Supervisor:     Herdawati bt Bohari

The equipments for educational purpose are:

  • Friction on Incline Plane Apparatus
  • Torsion Bar Apparatus
  • Continuous Beam Apparatus
  • Shear Force and Bending Moment Apparatus
  • Reaction of Beam Apparatus