Computer Lab


Computer/Information Technology Laboratory

Computer Lab or IT Lab is one of the laboratories in the Polytecnic Port Dickson (PPD) Campus. These labs are equipped with the facilities to serve the students as well as the staff of PPD in the development of IT. At the present moment, these labs have 8 computer rooms, the WiFi hotspots, a Research and Consultancy room which are centralize control by IT unit sector. The lab functions through a local network with the support of a Web Server. The network enables lecturers to set up and develop their own web sites for their course works. These web sites are being housed at the PPD Web ( The "intranet" service has been extended to studios, whereby networking facilities has been provided for the students to surf the net.

Related Courses

  1. RAG 234 : Computer Aided Design for Architecture
  2. RAG 333 : Advanced Computer Aided Architecture Design

Lab Coordinator: Haslienda bt Mohd Iham @ Sham

Co-Supervisor: Rafidah bt Suib


There are over 240 PCs in seven IT Labs. The types of facilities are: Workstation, Scanner, Printer and plotter. Preference will be given to computer-aided courses such as Multimedia, AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, 3D Animation (3D Max), Geographical Information System (GIS), Other purposes such as preparation for assignments using word-processing, spreadsheet and power-point.