Environmental Lab

environmental lab

Environmental Lab

The laboratory provides instruments to study effects of climate, ventilation, light and sound within and outside of buildings: providing services to students in their studies.

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  1. RAG121/3 - Environmental Science 1
  2. REG261/3 - Building Services
  3. RAG 322/3 - Environmental Science 2
  4. REG562/3 - Building Services Technology
  1. Acoustical Instruments - used in the measurement of:
  • Sound level: domestic noise level, machine noise
  • Noise transmission through building materials
  • Absorption Coefficient of building materials
  • Reverberation time studies of rooms
  • Audiometric test (Sound level meter)
  1. Environmental Building Performance measuring instruments:
  • Surface temperature of materials measurements
  • Air temperature measurements (Anemometer)
  • Mean radiant temperature measurements
  • Humidity measurements
  • Airflow measurements
  • Lighting measurements (Lux meter)
  • Radiation measurements

Measurements can also be carried out on the determination of thermal comfort for rooms. The artificial sky is available for architectural model studies for light distribution in both qualitative and quantitative aspects

Equipment :                   

1. Thermo-Hygrometer                
2. Sound Level Meter                   
3. Infrared Thermometer             
4. Vane Anemometer                   
5. Solarimeter                               
6. Luxmeter