The whole conception of the birth of the School of HBP was to uphold its multidisciplinary approach in the related field. As the Architecture Programme grew and gained recognition from LAM it has gained its strength in core architectural subjects and produce graduates who are competent in the pursuit of architecture profession. However the committee feels that the architecture programme was obscure in its pursuit of its statement and ideology to give a huge impact to future architecture of Malaysia.
The Architecture Committee henceforth united in a consolidated effort to synergize all the expertise in the various field towards a common theme or a niche that are cohesive in achieving one main goal which is eco-friendly architecture. The role is to bridge the gap between the public and professionals in the fields of sustainable construction, architecture and environmental protection (eco-professionals). The word Ecotecture (ecological architecture) has since become our brand name in promoting the sustainable architecture education which encompasses not only consciousness and literacy on energy efficient issues but more importantly the dire need for social and cultural sensitivity in the mindset of our future graduates.
Other than to inspire the required range of skills and creativity in design, managerial, media and technical expertise, we also want our future architects to have profound empathy and understanding of how buildings relate to physical, cultural and social contexts, have knowledge of our architectural heritage and know how buildings may be energy and resource-efficient.