Mission & Vision Programme

As aptly expressed by our VC in his vision for our APEX Program architecture education in HBP would play a vital role in sustainable development for it is only through changes in its knowledge base that the architectural profession can become part of the solution rather than remain part of the problem.

This will enforce our underpinning objectives towards sustainable/eco-friendly architecture. The implementation will be based on three thrust focusing on society, sources and systems towards eco-friendly architecture.
“The fundamental responsibility of the architectural profession is to provide services for humanity, not to create objects.”
David Lee Smith, Professor of Architecture, University of Cincinnati

To produce a competent professional architect adaptable in the global environment.

To provide a comprehensive (multidisplinary) architectural design education especially for the tropical region with emphasis on sustainability and ecology. Progressively train students to qualify for the Malaysian Board of Architect’s Professional Part 1 after three years followed by the Professional Part 2 qualification after five years.

Goals and Objectives
The Programme Education Objective [PEO] Five [5] years after graduation:
1. To effectively and rapidly qualify for the Malaysian Board of Architect’s full Professional (Part 3) qualification.
2. To practice a multi and inter-disciplined paradigm.
3. To continuously endeavour for design excellence.
4. To uphold integrity and able to independently undertake responsibility.